Opening PRIDE Week Exhibition: Dood ben ik ook leuk - Ton Looman

dagelijks   |   16:00 - 19:00 uur   |   Java-Blend Amsterdam

Op zaterdag 29 juli a.s. van 16:00 - 19:00 uur is de opening van de expositie:

Dood ben ik ook leuk, Ton Looman 
model - fotograaf - kunstenaar - Amsterdammer
De expositie is speciaal voor de PRIDE Week Amsterdam georganiseerd.  

Dead i’m nice too.

At 23 years of age, Ton Looman moved from The Hague to Amsterdam for the love of a man. His modelling career took off nationally and internationally at the beginning of the 70ties and was soon followed by his career switch to freelance fashion photographer and editor in the late 70ties.

In that profession he operated mostly in The Netherlands and Belgium, working for a number of Weekly magazines. While his beloved Amsterdam served willingly as a background for his analogue photography, he could also be found road-tripping through Europe, from shoot to shoot together with his favorite crew where he modelled also.

The 80-ties where a turning point in his professional life. His new and quaint look at photography made him more and more the artist. Part of his work was published by Art Unlimited World Wide. Becoming more connected to his inner artist he at first started creating two dimensional structures and during the 90-ties they grew into three dimensional pieces of art.

The mix of his passion for fashion and his love for eccentric people resulted in his Digital Era. Such a mix was to be found beginning 2000 in the form of the T-girls. He photographed them and then retouched the results according to his own imagination. Thus his Pixel-Art was born. Later on he focused on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram. Especially when he was housebound due to his COPD.

During the 50 years that Ton thrived as an ‘Amsterdammer’, he created a great oeuvre, a timeline from past to present. Unto the day of his death he was still creating wonderful 2-dimensional art.  

A few days before his passing (16th February 2016) he said to me: Sweetheart, dead i’m nice too.

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datum: zo 13 augustus 2017
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